Mar 28

Children’s Hospital Charity: Celebratory thank you lunch to help reach £1.2 million fundraising milestone

In recognition of David and Jean Fyfe’s remarkable 34-year fundraising effort, we are thrilled that the Children’s Hospital Charity is hosting a celebratory lunch at Inox Dine in Sheffield on Friday 5 April 2024.

Since its inception in 1990, the Daffodil Ball has been a beacon of generosity, raising more than £1.1 million for the Children’s Hospital Charity. We are remarkably close to reaching the £1.2 million milestone and we are hoping that the event will raise funds to push us over our target.  

Fundraising over the last 34 years

Sheffield Children’s Hospital is one of only four stand-alone children’s hospitals in the UK and is a centre of excellence in many areas, including neuroscience. Previous fundraising has helped raise money for vital endoscopic instruments, building a new hospital wing and purchasing an intraoperative 3T MRI scanner.  

Over the last 34 years, charitable support from the Daffodil Ball has funded some amazing enhancements at Sheffield Children’s Hospital, benefiting thousands of children and saving lives. We were really looking forward to throwing our big 30th and final ball in April 2020; however, Covid crashed the party and put a stop to our celebrations.  

Celebratory lunch

It’s important to have one final celebration, which is why the Children’s Hospital Charity wanted to host this event to thank David, Jean, and the many others who have contributed to the success of the Daffodil Ball and supported the cause over such a long time.   We’ll let you know how we get on!  

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