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We’ve been advising clients for over 25 years and our business has changed quite a bit during this time. Here we explain a bit more about our story.

Back in the summer of 1972, David Fyfe, our founder, left University with First Class Honours Degree in Mathematics expecting to pursue a career as an Actuary which was one the highest paid, and therefore most attractive, professions at the time. However, he soon found himself working on the sales force of a large insurance company which he was much more suited to as it included dealing with real people (rather than performing multiple complex calculations locked inside an office!).

David and his wife Jean had been twice misled by life insurance salesmen when they were newly married and this left a significant impression on David. Treating people fairly has always been extremely important to David and this experience made it clear that there had to be a better way to operate. It isn’t rocket science that if you deal with people fairly and do your best for them there is a good chance they’ll come back to you when they need help.

In November 1986, David took the plunge and moved from a relatively secure job with an Insurance Company to become an Independent Financial Adviser enjoying the freedom that this new role provided. You do need a bit of luck in life and for David that happened, ironically, when the company he worked for failed and he was made redundant. This was in 1993 and David was encouraged to set up his own company by several accountants and solicitors.

He was put in touch with Mike Robertson, the Principal of Parkway Insurance Services and they hit it off straight away. Thus, he formed David Fyfe, Independent Financial Adviser with his wife, Jean. D David quickly gained a reputation as a “safe pair of hands” by his clients as the business went from strength to strength. David always believed in providing sound advice at a fair price and was known for always going that extra mile for his clients. These are values that continue to run through Fyfe Financial today.

In 2000, David’s elder son, Stephen, having graduated with a degree in Finance from Manchester University, decided to join the firm and study to become a Financial Adviser.

In, 2002, we formed a limited company, Fyfe Financial and in 2003, David’s younger son, Richard, joined us after gaining a degree in Mathematics from Manchester University. Both he and Stephen qualified as Chartered Financial Planners and subsequently were made Director of the company.

Mike Robertson retired in March, 2013 and Fyfe Financial became directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Over the last 5 years Richard, Stephen and the team have continued to develop the service we offer to our clients but the core values of fairness and going the extra mile still remain in place.

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